Action and investment lead to uplifting community changes
Robert C. Allen
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Action and investment lead to uplifting community changes

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Pensacola Speaks |

A more knowledgeable community means a better community. A more active and invested community means a better community, and a more understanding community means a better community. We – us, our neighbors, our businesses and our organizations – all have a stake in this. And, when investment and participation happen, change happens.

Many issues exist of which our communities and neighbors deeply care about. Education, youth development, economic development and charitable actions are just a few. When active discussion occurs related to such issues, not only do we look out for ourselves, but for others as well. You, your neighbors and the surrounding businesses all play a central part in building communities.

Education, youth development, volunteerism

Through our program “Pensacola Speaks,” we bring these issues to light in our discussions with community representatives – the movers, the shakers and the everyday citizens. We find out just what is important to our communities and what is being done to address them.

In sharing ideas and listening to each other, we can achieve many things. Even the smallest contributions can help lead to the biggest accomplishments.

Here are some of the topics that our program addresses, highlighting just how action and participation lead to uplifting changes within our communities:

  • Education endeavors that promote learning while providing opportunities for students.
  • Youth development from leadership, education and sporting activities to the importance of the arts and volunteerism. By investing in our students, we gain well-rounded youth who become tomorrow’s leaders.
  • The charitable efforts of community organizations whether they collect and donate food to people in need or provide tutoring services to adults and students.
  • Encouraging our residents to actively invest in their neighborhoods through guidance from community activists.

We live in a great community and this is our home. We all have a stake in how Pensacola develops, grows and maintains its shining light in the state of Florida. Participate and invest in your communities and listen to each other’s ideas. You will be thankful for doing so and jubilant upon seeing the results.